Specializing in pain relief and women’s health since 2001.

Conveniently located in downtown Raleigh at 417 N. Blount Street.

FREE parking available behind our studio (access from North Street).

Enter renovated historical home through glass sunroom and take a seat.

NOTE: no elevator. Email us if first floor office needed.

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You deserve to feel this good.

Services with us are unique as clients may use mindful movements in session to enhance body awareness and outcomes. Techniques and pressure levels are customized to give the best experience possible. Self-care is a mindset we promote through simplicity. Experienced in relaxation, pain management, sport enhancement, post-surgery, pregnancy, and trauma massage.


Breathe space into those tight places.

You hear about the importance of blood flow, but do you understand it? Think of your muscle as a sponge. Dried out sponges are filled with waste, similar to a “knot” in a muscle. What happens when you try to bend a dried out sponge? It rips. Muscles need to be hydrated and regularly stretched to reach optimal range of motion. Limited range of motion compromises joint health leading to muscular pain. Now imagine squeezing that dried out sponge under running water. Whalaa! You have a flexible sponge. Wring out your toxin filled tight muscles with movement and massage.


“To the mind that is still,
the whole universe surrenders.”

Meditation is defined as engaging in reflection and does not represent any one religion or philosophy. Science supports freeing your mind of distractions and focusing your attention as a useful tool in managing stressful moments. Take a breath, close your eyes, and direct your mind to one thought or one phrase of strength and serenity. Meditate daily and explore what works best for you. Changing how you view stress will change your life.